during my sleepless night I am reminded of my true love

I love writing and taking photos. I wrote this for my amazing husband and took this photo about 2 weeks ago. Love this true is amazing.PhotoGrid_1457195957627.jpg


He is endlessly benevolent also

His love amazes me everyday. Thank you God for allowing our hearts to unite. When all the world seems to shatter, he calmly picks up the pieces and makes something more beautiful. My true soulmate always. #forbetterorforworse #insicknessandinhealth

My Soultrain

When I was first dating I had a few flings that never amounted to more than friendships. One day, I realized that I loved a friend of mine. Him and I grew up about a mile and a half apart on the same road. We road the same bus to school but never looked to be more than friends. He would sit on the bus with his Walkman on reading a book.

Finally, a friend of mine whom I love for pointing this out, said to me that I should ask him out. She must have gotten tired of waiting for him to make a move so she went and talked to him. Eeeeeek, he liked me too!

Our first date was Memorial day. We sat on his parents sofa and watch “The Shining”. Then he took me to my grandmother’s. Before he dropped me off we established 2 things. 1 that we were dating and 2 that if he ever raised a violent hand to me we were done.

A year later we were engaged… 3 years later we were married.

Tonight I am recouperating from my 2nd spinal fusion surgery. I can not sleep glad do I have been sleeping on the chaise lounge. He is sleeping on the sofa right next to me.

Our love grows stronger every day. Everytime I look at him I fall in love all over. In a few months we will be married 15 years. Many of our family and friends say we still act like we are on our honeymoon. Sometimes life sucks but when you have this type of concrete support, any impossibility becomes an attainable goal.

Everyday I love him more. There is so much more to write, but that is the gist of our happily ever after.