Why I became a mother

I had children because I am meant to be a mom, not because it was the logic next step in anything society told me was necessary or because I was trying to prove something to anyone. I did not use them as a bandaid to fix something broken and beyond repair and I most certainly did not become a mom so that I could pawn them off on others every chance I got. This is the same reason I became a co-leader to their girl scout troop. They are all my girls and I love them.


Now I am not saying being a mom has been easy but it is exactly who I am and everything that is a part of it, is just that, a part of it. I love my girls.


My children will grow up knowing consequences, love, perseverance and kindness. They are benevolent, and caring even though sometimes they can be jerkish, they are children and still learning. Just wanted to put that out there. Not because something extraordinary happened today but because I am listening to them be kids and it warms my heart to hear.


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