7 Months ago I was 208 pounds

So, as of Saturday it has been 7 months since I changed my relationship with food.

*I feel like a new me.
*My husband looks at me like we are newlyweds again. He says everyday how proud he is of how far I have come by just watching what I eat and eating enough of what I need.
*I have inspired a bunch of my friends to try a change.
*My daughters are changing their eating habits, slowly but surely.

Most importantly, I feel healthier and love what I eat. No fad dieting or pills. No weightloss surgeries even though, at one point, I thought that may be my only way out of the weight and pain. (Not that I have anything negative to say about those whose path includes surgery).

When I started the Ketogenic Diet I was in a size XL top and tight 16 jeans. I was 208 pounds. I was strong with muscle but weak when it came to sugar and carbs.

Today, 7 months later, I am 53.5 pounds lighter and 55″ smaller. I fit into a size small yoga pants comfortably this morning. I can wear a size Small/Med top and a size 7 in jeans. There were weeks when the scale didn’t move. Those weeks I lost inches, not pounds. There were weeks when nothing moved in numbers but my weekly progress pictures showed me the light.

I am on this journey, not for the weightloss, not for the looks I get from my husband… I am doing this because I want to be the best me I can be.


Ketogenic Basics


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