When you feel the urge to complain about your job, be happy you have the ability to work and have an income.

When you feel the need to complain about your children, be overjoyed you were blessed to bring forth life into this world.

When you feel the need to criticize, look inward and reflect upon yourself.

When you need a friend, be one to someone else.

When you need help, reach your hand out for someone who needs help also.

When you are drowning, save yourself by learning to swim

Written by
Erin Kisselbach


What a year it has been. #Ketoforlife

I can move mountains… of fat off my thighs, and waist, and chin, and biceps, and face, and rearend… 47.2 lbs gone, about 32.8 lbs to go!!

I felt so unhealthy and disgusted with myself a year ago. I was embarrassed to go swimming with my family, although I still did. The fibromialgia symptoms I had were horribly unbearable.

In October, I found out there was a good chance I would have to have a second c spine surgery since the first one done on 4/23/14 seemed to have failed. I knew I needed to work to be healthier for the recovery so it would not be as painful. The second surgery was very painful. It was February 22, 2016. The extra energy from this ketogenic way of eating, along with the strength and muscles that I gained have helped me through.

I start seeing a therapist Wednesday for the residual anger, depression and sadness that I have been trying to bury. Also for the PTSD I am apparently still dealing with. I just want to work and help provide for my family. I am so glad I am finally going to talk to someone about this who may be able to lead me in a better direction.

So, cheers to a great year. I hope the next year gives me back my ability to work…



Dinner disaster or not

So, I overcooked my chicken thighs. Ugh. Dinner ruined… or is it? Put on my thinking cap and looked in my fridge. Was trying to do without dairy but tonight had to be an exception.

Sorry, no pic of the food. But I wrote down the recipe.

23.5 oz boneless skinless chicken thighs
2.5 oz white oak cheddar cheese  (Cabot)
.7 oz Fresh mozzarella
.7 oz Kerrygold Dubliner cheese
4 oz Philadelphia Cream cheese
1 cup roasted garlic pasta sauce – no added sugar
2.5 oz pork/beef pepperoni (cut into small pieces)

Cook chicken, or overcook it like I accidentally did, then shred. Mix cream cheese and pasta sauce until smooth. Mix sauce with chicken. Shred cheeses and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes or until heated through. Makes 4 servings.
31.2g Fat
45.3g Protein
5.9g Carbs
5.6g Net Carbs