I miss my independence and my life before 6/7/2013

God I hope that the surgery I just had helps. I am not looking for 100% fix because I know that will never happen.

1005 days since the accident and although I have had days where the pain was less or I hid it extra well it is so hard to deal with this every day and now so amplified with the surgical pain. I know it seems like I am just whining but I’m just trying to get some to understand. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and for over 2 and a half years it has been constant and exhausting.


86,832,000 seconds

1,447,200 minutes

24,120 hours

1005 days

143 weeks and 4 days

2 years, 9 months, 1 day


Tired of crying from pain. Tired of being a burden. Tired of trying to get people to comprehend and understand. It got so overwhelming to know that I was once able to lift a person of 180 pounds without even breaking a sweat. My job had meaning and I loved it. I can never go back to it because I’ll never be able to do the amount of lifting needed with care for the individuals that I was. Currently I can’t even do enough to take care of myself or my family and it just sucks what you’re used to doing things for others and then you’re the one that needs the help.


Sorry for the crappy and cranky sounding post. Thank God the they are not all this way.

Thank God for my husband and children, my mom who has been so helpful, my in laws who have done so much and the others who offered their help.




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