They listen… even when I do not think they do.

So, I am 10 days post op. Had a 2 day stomach virus where not even pain meds would stay down for a bit… other than that I am sticking to my macros and even doing small workouts. Throughout the day I have been doing 3-5 sets of 15 sumo squats, leg lifts and walking atleast a mile per day.


I think today I might try to work on my recumbent bike for a bit.


I can’t say enough for how wonderfully supportive and helpful my husband and kids have been. I’ve been eating so much extra sleep just to recuperate that I was able to get over the stomach virus much quicker than other people in my area have. I basically it was only awake yesterday for about two and a half hours.


So this morning when my husband got up to leave to go to the gym I stayed awake. That was at 5 a.m. I heard my daughters alarm clocks go off and they got up, got dressed, brush your teeth and their hair come up with their socks on and came down the steps.


That was at 6:30. They made their own breakfast got their snacks ready to take the school. Then they sat and read a book until it was time for them to leave on the bus. My girls are nine years old. Some days they just really make me proud. Not that there’s anyday that I’m not proud of them but there’s those days like today where I know that they actually listen and care. It makes me realize that I am raising independent strong caring young ladies.



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