Bio: Let me introduced myself. I am a momma to the most amazing twin girls ever. They will be 10 in June. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in May. In May 2013 I received my Associates degree in Special ed. I was working as a case worker/ home based support specialist for a few years before that. June 7th, on my way to work a man driving a dump truck, swerving all over the road and changing lanes back and forth rear ended me. Somehow my guardian angel saved me from hitting any other vehicle as I spun through the tail end of lunch hour traffic on a busy highway junction. What they say about Subarus is absolutely true. I was able to hug my family that night. After a long time of drs I finally was told I needed surgery. April 2014 I had an anterior cervical discectemy with fusion of the C5 and C6 with a bone graft from my hip. Pain never went below a 4 out of 10 so my dr ordered a bone scan in December. The fusion had failed. It only healed 80%. February 22 I went in for a posterior fusion with decompression and a donor bone graft. Through all this I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia due to the insane full body pain. Meds never helped. I gained and gained and reached my heaviest in April or May of 2014. 207 pounds. I am 5'4". Meds never were an option for me. I hate chemicals. Went off all meds Jan of 2015 except trazadone which helps me sleep. After learning about the ketogenic diet I chose to try it. October 21, 2015 at 207 pounds I changed my eating habits "cold turkey" I have not weighed myself in a week or 2 but I am down 42 lbs as of my 16th week following the diet strictly with no messing up. I weigh all my food. I log it before I eat it so it keeps me from making mistakes. I eat 120g protein daily (a little more now while recouperating from surgery). I eat between 65 and 73g healthy fats daily and I stay under 20 g net carbs. (Fiber carbs are not counted). Aside from weight I take weekly pictures of myself for comparison and I take body measurements weekly also. I have lost 41 inches. Gone from an XXL top to a medium that is a bit loose. Went from a very tight size 16 jeans to a comfortable size 8. Even my shoes are loose. I am healing better from the lack of sugar and carbs and processed crap in my body. My inflammation is reduced immensely. I am still exercising with what I can do and staying on track with eating. If you think for a second that you can't, anyone who is determined CAN AND WILL SUCCEED. Oh, my pre op blood work was amazing also. Never had bad results other than low vit D but this time, my dr commended my results and hard work. I have failed to be a healthier me so often. I have been successful and then went back to filling my stress cravings with garbage and I gained all of it back. This time, I did it for me. Completely for me. Carbs, sugars and processed foods add to inflammation in a big way. I refuse to be on meds to fight the pain from this stupid fibro. I did lots of research and this diet just made sense. No chemicals. No pills. Just whole, real food. It took some time to "get it". I track EVERYTHING and weigh all my food before I eat it. I use my fitness pal for tracking and log everything before I eat it. There are hidden carbs in things like certain sausage and bacon. I love avocado and spinach. It wasn't easy but crying from physical and emotional pain every day became something I just couldn't continue. Nothing processed at all ever. No fake sweeteners. No grains. No starches. I went cold turkey. First 2-3 weeks were horrible but now I don't even miss it. I used to easily eat cake and pizza... now the pizza I eat is made with chicken for the crust. Thought I would share my story. For those who think they can't... You can! June 7, 2013 I was on my way to a job I loved. I was a case worker for children, adolescents and adults with a vast array of mental, physical, emotional and cognitive abilities and disabilities. About 5 minutes before I reached my client's house I was rear ended by a dump truck. My car spun and yet I somehow missed all the lunch time traffic all around me. I was able to walk away from the accident but later found out I had some extensive injuries. I had a herniated disc putting pressure on my spinal cord and causing loss of sensation in my left arm. After 8 months of painful physical therapy I went for a second opinion. Several doctors and 2 months later I had surgery on my neck. My C5 and C6 were fused using bone from my hip. I have a titanium plate and screws in my neck. All the while I was gaining weight. The pain seemed to be everywhere. I was diagnosed with post traumatic fibromyalgia. So i was put on Cymbalta. (Went off all meds Jan 2015) I just went in 2/22/2016 for a posterior cervical fusion sick the anterior was not successful. I am still limited to what I can do but I push those limits every day I can. There are days my pain level is horrific and I am only able to do a few things but I never give in to the pain. It will not win. In October of 2015 I found some information about the Ketogenic diet. Not the HIGH FAT LOW CARB kind! It is low carb, moderate healthy fat and high protein. Nothing else ever seemed to work and I was so limited with exercise. I began on October 21, 2015 at 207 lbs. Today I am 166.0 lbs. My energy is so much higher. My mood is better. My sleep is improved. My inflammation is decreased. My surgeon loves my transformation. I will be going back to the gym as soon as I am cleared. I was going to the gym at least 3 times a week and I can run and play with my daughters. I am no longer mortified and depressed by what I see in the mirror. I know I am on a diet that is changing my life. I have not lost much in the last month but I am feeling better every day. I feel so much stronger even with the pain from the most recent surgery. I eat no more than 20 grams of carbs (after the first month the does not include  carbs from fiber). I eat 64 g healthy fat and 120 g protein. My amazing husband and children are a constant reminder that this life is worth working hard for.

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